Monday, September 15, 2008

Sew or Dye

So, we do have one customer. We've been having a ball creating a quilt for her. She found us through our guild website. Her son is about to turn 21 and has had a quilt since he was a baby. He still sleeps with it.

Wrapped around his head.

It's in terrible shape. So she wants us to make a new skin for it, and put the old quilt inside a new quilt. We spent some wonderful time with her picking out fabric and a pattern. We're using a block pattern called "Milky Way" referring to her son's love of outer space. Here is a picture of the fabrics we're using:

The son is very tactile and wants the silky binding like you find on baby blankets. But they only make that in sappy baby colors. So we decided to get some silk and learn to dye it in a cool color that he likes (purple) that would match these to bind the new quilt with.

Today we began preparing the silk for dying and making the half square triangles for the main blocks in the quilt. We made the four patches two weeks ago. The quilt deadline is October 31. We'll make it.

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