Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Milky Way

Here's our latest quilt, up on the design wall. Each fabric was selected with the aforementioned son and his desires in mind.

Today or tomorrow we'll add the four-patches into the "holes" or blank spaces and it will take on a lot more color.

The design wall is made of flannel stretched over foam core insulation. So the blocks just stick to it and stay put until we move them. Then we can see what the quilt will look like, and watch it for a while. Decide if it's really speaking to us, or if something is "yelling" that it's out of place and needs to be moved.

This part of the process is very interesting and is almost meditative. When something is out of place and the correction is made, I can feel everything begin to breathe again. The whole piece sighs in relief. In any case, this requires quiet thought, long silences, and often sweets with our coffee. Yesterday the sweets were donut holes with cinnamon sugar.

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ltrout said...

You go girls! Beautiful workmanship, beautiful quilts, beautiful girls! I'm so proud of you all....mama (guess which one!)